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These self study courses are created through Allison's channeled insights, and designed to guide you deeper into your own unique truth.

Choose the program below that is right for you!

Learn To Channel

Learn powerful techniques and tools to awaken your intuition, connect with your higher self, and verbally channel.



Activate your ecstatic body through sacred sexuality practices.

Our body is inherently ecstatic when we are open to the divine energies of the Universe. In this course, you will learn powerful techniques and tools to awaken your ecstatic body.


Honoring the Alchemy of the Body

Co-Taught by Allison Holley and Monique Gomez.

In this 4-section video course, you will be guided into the powerful alchemy of the body. We will cover:

  • The Alchemy of Alignment
  • The Alchemy of Pleasure
  • The Alchemy of Voice
  • The Alchemy of Orgasm

Includes guided workbook with journal prompts for each unit.



Discover Your Cosmic Lineage

Beginner Channeling Course

In this 1 hour video course, you will be guided into a channeling space, where you will discover through your own awareness more about your soul's journey to becoming a being here on Earth - including lifetimes on other planets and frequency realms.



Sexual Alchemy

Learn sex magic from a spiritually rooted perspective.

Are you ready to learn how to create magic in your life through PLEASURE?

In this 1 hour video course, you will be guided through the exact steps to channel the energy of pleasure through your body and manifest your dreams and desires.



Conscious Communication Masterclass

Learn specific techniques for communication that will awaken your sovereignty while also building more intimate relationships with those you love.

Course includes 2 hour masterclass video, plus workbook and guided meditation.



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