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Awaken Your Ecstatic Body Through Sacred Sexual Practices

When my awakening began 10 years ago, I deeply desired to learn how to merge the sexual and spiritual worlds. And when I looked and couldn’t find a teacher to guide me in this, I vowed to learn and grow, and become that teacher for others.

What was shown to me over the past ten years of awakening exploration was the understanding of the Ecstatic Body.

Our ecstatic body is our body and energy field as it opens, taking in the fullness of light available to us and vibrating at a higher frequency. This process makes us literally glow with ecstasy.

And yes, it feels really, really good!

We can activate our bodies into this state of ecstasy through various practices which I have been shown through channeling, and have been playing with over the past ten years.

And now I want to share these teachings with you!

In this powerful self-paced course, you will be guided through:

🌺  How to unblock yourself from shame.

🌺  How to connect your sexuality and your spirituality.

🌺  How to have full body orgasmic experiences.

🌺  How to manifest through awakening your sexual energy.

You will become more alive, more in your power, and more joyful as a result, and will send a ripple of ecstatic awakening into the world and with everyone you meet.


Check out what previous students have said about the ECSTASY course:


I’ve been laying here on my side the whole call and my whole body is feeling great. My womb is warm. My root on my back has a slight pressure. My nipples feel activated and warm and buzzy. Solar plexus is warming up.”

”ECSTATIC BODY AWAKENING!!! Oh holy guacamole bat man!

Massive Currents of Inner Chi, Solar Plexus Activation, Spontaneous Sacred Movement, Increased and Heightened Intuition.

HEART-GASMS... I just... oooweee!!!”

”I have always thought there is something really wrong with me because I wasn't experiencing sex like my friends were. Thank you Allison for sharing this!”

Are you ready to awaken your ecstatic body??

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