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"Working with Allison has absolutely changed my life. I cannot recommend her enough."


Connect directly with Allison and receive guidance, clarity, and coaching to powerfully align you with your unique purpose and journey.

Choose the session type that is right for you in the list below!

Channeling Sessions

Single Question Channeling

(Voice Memo)

Receive channeled guidance for a single question, over email.

After your purchase, please email your question to [email protected], with the subject SINGLE QUESTION in all caps - so I'm sure to see it!

Your channeled voice memo will be sent to you within 3 business days.

Voice memos are 8-10 minutes long, on average.



1:1 Channeling Session

Gain clarity about your life, your purpose, and any other topic you'd like to explore.

During your session, I bring myself into a meditative trance and am able to see, feel, and know information beyond this physical reality. You are able to ask the questions you desire clarity on throughout the session.

Each session is recorded and the audio file will be sent to you after our session for you to keep and review.

Sessions are 40 minutes long.



Coaching with Allison

The Ascend coaching package gives you twice-monthly, 1 hour sessions with Allison for six months.

Allison has received extensive guidance and training (through both channeled transmissions and grounded "Earth-based" certifications) in the realms of ecstatic sexuality, New Earth relationships, and ascended spirituality.

Examples of themes that previous clients have requested to create a coaching program for:

* Discovering and aligning with your life mission and spiritual purpose

* Overcoming the fear of leaving a career for a spiritually aligned business

* Learning to orgasm (women only)

* Harmonious and balanced sexual intimacy in partnerships

* Navigating dating and relationships as an awakening person

And so many other topics as well!

Your coaching program can be tailored to you and your unique desires and needs. 

In your sessions over the course of six months, we can cover: Relationships, Sexuality, Spiritual Development, and most other topics you’d like guidance through. All sessions are a combination of channeled insights and intuitively guided discussion. This is a safe space to share all you need to and be held and guided in your process.

Coaching container is 6 months (12 total bi-monthly sessions).

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What others have said about working with Allison

"Wow... thank you Allison. I am a little beside myself! What was said couldn't be more true. It's quite overwhelming. I appreciate the validation that what you shared is my purpose. Thank you so much for your insight!"

— Krista A.

"Holy Mackerel I have tears of joy right now and can't believe how accurate this is!!! Everything just resonates with where I am, right here, right now. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you, your love, and your light!"

— Gloria Lee Alexander

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