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The 2024 Ecstatic Playground book tour is underway!

This includes both online and in-person events. Click the calendar image links below for more information on the event you would like to attend!

March 16, 2024

Inverness, Florida

Cacao Ceremony & Channeling

May 2024

Austin, Texas

Learn To Channel Workshop

(Details TBA)

May 2024

Flagstaff, Arizona

Channeling for the Collective

(Details TBA)

August 1-4, 2024

Huntsville, Arkansas

True Creator Adult Summer Camp

Cacao & Channeling at Wholistic Mystics

Inverness, Florida - March 16 2024


Join author and channel Allison Holley for a mystical guided cacao ceremony and channeled transmission.

What is a cacao ceremony?

Cacao is the origin fruit of our modern day chocolate. In it’s pure form - non-processed and complete, it is a sacred plant that has been used for centuries for it’s Heart opening abilities. In ancient cultures, cacao was used as a currency, and so we now also know it for it’s ability to awaken abundance frequencies.

During a cacao ceremony, we will listen to the spirit of this sacred plant, and drink it in to activate and awaken our Hearts and bodies to the highest frequencies of divine love.

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True Creator Summer Camp

August 2024

Huntsville, Arkansas

It's back! Join us for a fun-filled community gathering!

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