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The 2024 Ecstatic Playground book tour is underway!

This includes both online and in-person events.


Click the image links below for more information and to register for the event you would like to attend.

Shreveport, Louisiana - April 26, 2024

12:30pm: Book Talk and Author signing @ The Peace of Mind Center

6-8pm: Channeling for the Collective @ The Peace of Mind Center

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Santa Fe, New Mexico - May 5, 2024 @ 6pm

Book Talk and Channeling at The Ark

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Phoenix, Arizona - May 10, 2024 @ 6pm

Channeling for the Starseed Collective at Awakenings Phoenix

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Scottsdale, Arizona - May 11, 2024 @ 5pm

Cacao Ceremony & Channeling with Allison Holley at Abundant Space

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Los Angeles, California - Sunday, May 12, 2024 @ 1pm

Book Signing Event at Mystic Journey Bookstore

Mystic Journey Bookstore Website

San Diego, California - Monday, May 13, 2024 @ 11am

Ecstatic Playground Book Talk and Channeling Event @ Maya Moon Collective

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Portland, Oregon - May 25, 2024 @ 11:30am

Channeling & Book Talk @ New Renaissance Book Shop

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Seattle, WA - May 30, 2024 @ 5-7pm

Intro To Channeling Workshop @ Stargazers Soul Gallery

CANCELLED Due to Venue Closure

Boise, Idaho - June 6, 2024 @ 6-10pm

Awaken the Ecstatic Body: A Sensual Immersion Playshop @ The Womb Room

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Boise, Idaho - June 7, 2024 @ 7 - 8:30pm

Channeling for the Collective @ Portal Wellness Collective Boise

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Boise, Idaho - June 8, 2024 @ 10am - 2pm

"Learn To Channel" full day workshop @ Portal Wellness Collective Boise

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Twin Falls, Idaho - June 10, 2024 @ 6pm

Channeling for the Collective @ Crystals Enlight

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Twin Falls, Idaho - June 11, 2024 @ 7pm

Returning to Eden Cacao Ceremony & Channeling (with Robin Bailly) @ Float Magic

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Kansas City, MO - June 21, 2024 @ 6:30pm

Channeling for the Collective @ Milo Farm Event Center

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Vermillion, Ohio - June 23, 2024

Starseed Awakening Full Day Retreat 

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Jasper, Arkansas - August 1-4, 2024

True Creator Adult Summer Camp

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Cacao & Channeling Circle at Vitalize Studio

Salt Lake City, Utah - June 13, 2024 @ 6-8pm


Join author and channel Allison Holley for a mystical guided cacao ceremony and channeled transmission.

What is a cacao ceremony? Cacao is the origin fruit of our modern day chocolate. In its pure form - non-processed and complete, it is a sacred plant that has been used for centuries for it’s Heart opening abilities. In ancient cultures, cacao was used as a currency, and so we now also know it for its ability to awaken abundance frequencies. During a cacao ceremony, we will listen to the spirit of this sacred plant and drink it in, to activate and awaken our Hearts and bodies to the highest frequencies of divine love.

This ceremony will be followed by a Channeling from Allison, bringing forth divine messages for awakening.

Copies of her book, Ecstatic Playground, will be available for purchase at the event!

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"Awaken the Ecstatic Body: A Sensual Immersion Playshop"

Held at The Womb Room

Boise Idaho - June 6, 2024 @ 6-10pm

$111 / person

In this 4-hour workshop with Allison Holley, you will connect with, and deeply embody, your personal pleasure, while learning to give and receive consensual erotic touch.

Participants will be guided into personal embodiment practices, followed by the ‚Äútouch table‚ÄĚ experience - a journey of consensual touch using different props and techniques for awakening our erotic energy.¬†

Please note: There will be a wide variety of touch and varying degrees of nudity involved in this workshop. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

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