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Hello Creator!

My name is Allison, I am an Awakening Guide and Channel.

In 2012, I found myself overwhelmed by the intensity of a spiritual awakening. I began seeing energy, and beyond our current time-and-space paradigm. Many new levels of awareness and gifts opened up to me, including moments of spontaneous channeling and visions…

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Learn to Channel
Learn to connect with your guides, expand your intuition, and verbally channel.

This guided course offers you powerful techniques and tools, as well as the option for guidance directly from Allison, on how to awaken your intuition, connect with your higher self, and verbally channel.


Activate your ecstatic body through sacred sexuality practices.

Our body is inherently ecstatic when we are open to the divine energies of the Universe. In this self-paced course, you will learn powerful techniques and tools to awaken your ecstatic body.


"My channeling session with Allison was amazing! She is so intuitive and gentle when delivering the messages she receives. She is also super accurate. The things she said unfolded in the same timeframes and exactly as she said they would. My session with her alleviated all my worries and gave me peace!"

Kelly Romero

Moshe Ovadia

“Allison saw right through me, to the essence of who I am and the untapped potential waiting to be born.  She offered powerful guidance at a spirit level, as well as practical insight into leaning into my calling.  The message she channeled continues to fuel me on a near-daily basis as I proceed into the uncertain waters of destiny."

"Allison is the real deal. A true earth angel that is willing to offer her gifts. Her channeling sessions are tremendously accurate. When I say “accurate” I mean accurately dialed in to a persons highest purpose and potential. Her higher guidance and recommendations are not concerned with lofty prophecies and in the telling of the future. Her guidance is concerned with the embrace and support of experiencing the most fulfilling life possible. She narrows in to the version of your life scape that aligns with your upmost happiness and empowerment. I compare her sessions to expansive plant medicine journeys, that are more accessible, digestible and more easily integrated than psychoactive journeys. I’m so grateful for her guidance. If you are ready to step into a new capacity of yourself, she is the perfect guide for the process."

Chris Gruden

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