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51: The Game of Unity with David Michael Reed

Episode #51 - Hello True Creators! Today on the True Creator Podcast, as a part of my series of interviews with leaders who are actively creating our new world reality, I interview D.Mike, the creator of Game of Unity!

David Michael Reed (D.Mike) is passionate about the power of bringing people with polarized opposite personalities and experiences together as a way of learning to see differently and co-create a New World.

He is the founder/host of the edutainment platform, Game Of Unity LLC, which provides a fun way to reimagine how we can interact with humans in general in a more compassionate and supporting way.

These ideas and passions for the Game of Unity emerged from D.Mike's crazy  beautiful  awakening story, which he shares more of in this podcast episode. I know you will love hearing his story too!

And, on a personal note, D.Mike has such a loving, open, and magnetic energy - which makes him the perfect person for this work.

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