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Akashic Records and Human Design with Non-Binary Artist Vanessa Murchie

Hello True Creators! Our guest today is Vanessa, a nonbinary artist and mystic to share with us their journey into awakening, including visionary experiences, a starseed lineage connection, and a powerful ancestral calling.

Vanessa guides visionaries, creatives, and highly sensitive people to embody their multiplicity by providing guidance and support through loving awareness and compassionate systems of care.  They offer akashic records readings, intuitive Human Design readings, Intergalactic Soul Retrieval Journeys, and offers 13th Octave LaHoChi Quantum Energy Healing Sessions.

Book that Vanessa referenced in this podcast: "The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence" by The Care Collective

Song that Allison referenced in this podcast: "Dream of the Dolphin" by Enigma

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Notion Template for the 9 Energy Centres of Human Design


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