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Sensual Embodiment with Monique Gomez

Hello True Creators! Today on the podcast, I'm joined by Monique Gomez, embodiment coach and teacher.  I truly see Monique as an expert in embodiment as a spiritual practice! She has a deep understanding of how to connect with the body as a safe space that informs our Earth experience.

Together we discuss our similar personal histories of being very disconnected from our bodies, and the reason that so many of us learn to not trust our bodies as a safe space. Monique shares specific practices for embodiment and finding safety in the body through the senses. Hint: there are more than five senses! In fact, Monique shares that we have more than SEVEN senses to engage with!

Monique will be presenting an embodiment workshop at the Ecstatic Playground book launch event this Sunday! Join the event here:

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