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Are you ready to connect to your guidance team, and receive insight on your life purpose?

Are you meant to be a wayshower in this awakening world, and help others with your special gifts? 

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“Learn To Channel” is now open for enrollment! 

Through this program you will receive experiential understanding of the practice of verbal channeling and opening your ultra-sensory abilities. 


Here's what we cover in the Learn to Channel course:

Pillar 1: Foundational Practices for Channeling

What is channeling? To build a foundation, I will share with you my personal story of becoming a channel and how my gifts developed. I will guide you through the differences between Channeling, Intuitive Readings, and Mediumship, and explain how to connect with each of these abilities as well. 

You will also be guided through many different styles of meditation to begin creating the foundation for your channeling practice.

Pillar 2: Opening your ultra-sensory abilities

Jumping right in, in this unit you will learn about your ultra-sensory abilities so that you can begin opening  to higher frequency understanding. 

Discover the many “clairs” and learn more about developing our abilities beyond the physical senses, and also learn about the interrelation of chakras and neuroscience. I offer with specific exercises to develop these abilities, so that you can practice and play with tuning in each day!

Pillar 3: Boundaries and self-trust

This unit is all about learning to feel secure in our intuitive abilities through understanding of boundaries and how to navigate the dimensions we exist within and communicate through. Here I will also guide you through what it means to be empathic (its a superpower!) and how to navigate the world with more ease as an empath.

Pillar 4: Becoming the Channel

In this unit you will begin the verbal channeling process! You will discover what trance meditation is and how to enter that state through multiple guided meditations. 

Included in this unit are breathwork practices to enhance your channeling abilities, and helpful tips that I’ve learned over my nine years of experience in channeling so that you can more quickly and easily enter this profound state.

Pillar 5: Channeling for Others

In this unit I take the guesswork out of how to offer channeling sessions to others. You will learn how to set up a session, and how to navigate what may arise in sessions. You will also develop your code of ethics as guides in the unseen realms. 

And finally, I will guide you in how to trust the information that you receive through channeling, and the role imagination plays in building our intuition so that you can learn greater trust in yourself and become a stronger channel!

Check out what previous students have said about the Learn To Channel course:

”The LEARN TO CHANNEL course is not only powerful and packed with valuable information and practices, but also super easy to follow and integrate.

I came in with some confusion and doubt in my ability to channel, but throughout the course, I learned first-hand that *everyone* has this ability and can access it with practice.

By the end, I had entered a channeling space and received my own guidance, and started to build real trust in myself. I continue to use what I learned in the course in my everyday practice, and the benefits continue to build on themselves even months later.

Kennedy Oliver - San Diego, CA

”Allison Holley is a gift to the universe and a gracious guide to help others access the healing energy of the divine collective consciousness.

By taking this course I became aligned to my purpose and met an amazing group of supportive humans. I am inspired and I am grateful.”

Erica Winkelman – Kansas City, MO

”Being a part of the Learn to Channel course has been an extremely rewarding and eye-opening experience for me.

I have gained so much more knowledge than I could have imagined and have been able to connect to my inner knowing and intuition in ways I have never been able to before. Allison is the best guide I could have asked for and I am extremely grateful for the knowledge that she has shared. She is truly out of this world! I highly recommend!”

Ginger Zephyr - Australia

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Learn To Channel Course 


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What you get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to the full Learn to Channel video course: 35+ videos, meditations, and workbooks
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